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About Me

Be Legendary


As a freelance artist based in the New Jersey - New York City area, Jordan Garcia has a vast range of experience from many areas of the professional makeup industry. He's worked on shows for New York Fashion Week, Broadway productions, TV and film productions, editorial, and he also does work in bridal. In addition, Jordan spends much of his time as a freelance artist for CHANEL at ATELIER BEAUTÉ CHANEL in Soho, NYC - their only-of-its-kind beauty workshop. Despite working on very different projects, Jordan always approaches each job with the same goal in mind -  helping each client feel comfortable in their own skin while looking their best! 

Jordan uses his "BE LEGENDARY" approach to life to inspire his work as an artist. He believes everyone can leave a legacy on this earth when we leave, and he strives to leave his. He believes to help each client find what makes them "them" while also helping them feel more self-confident and assured. 

About Me : Bio
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