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Be Legendary


Hello, and thank you for coming to my site! My name is Jordan, and I am honored to be of service to you. I am a New Jersey based makeup artist, and I also provide in-person services to New York City and virtual services to everywhere else! I am a trained makeup artist in classic techniques from QC Makeup Academy with a speciality in natural, simple, sophisticated and enhancing makeup. In addition, I also provide skincare consultations because I believe everyone has the absolute right to feel comfortable in their own skin while looking their best! 

Everyone can leave a legacy on this earth when we leave. If you can leave a lasting impact on just one person in a positive way, then you already left a legacy that will trickle onto other people. Being legendary means always doing your absolute best every day and acknowledging that your best is not going to be the same on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to always make today’s “best” better than yesterday’s “best,” but some days that won’t happen, and that’s okay. Always setting out to do your best will save you from self-judgement, guilt, self-blame, and self-punishment. If I can spread this message to those I work with, I know I can do my part in bringing heaven on earth.

My ultimate goal is to spread the light that we each have through the power of makeup application, to instill conviction, inspiration and the power of belief to all clients so that they have the confidence to establish and build their own amazing legacies.

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