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And I Go Back to December All the MF Time

I feel like it's been a century or so since I've made a post. I decided that I might need to give myself more time in-between posts so I have more things to write about. Also, there was the Thanksgiving holiday, so there's that too.

In the extended time that I was away from writing, I was reflecting on the past month. If you remember, from a previous post, I want to document a lesson that I learned every month over the next year. The last month had a lot of things happen. I went to my very first Makeup Show in New York which was the first weekend of the month. I volunteered the whole weekend, and I had so much fun doing so. I met so many amazing artists, and I saw so many familiar faces from Provincetown in October. The whole experience of being around so many creative people was something else. Out of it, I got an opportunity to have some face-time with artists that I've been looking up to for some time. My takeaway from my conversations with everyone is that I just need to keep on doing what I'm doing. Not gonna lie, I left the event that Sunday night in tears because of how grateful I was feeling for being in the same orbit as these incredible people. The beautiful words of encouragement from them left me speechless.

The month carried on, and I continued trying to work on the things that I got feedback on. There were days that I felt a bit off, and Ms. Floptina was creeping up into my brain giving her 2-cents on everything. There were a few days that she really got to me, and I was just NOT myself. I had a call with one of my mentors, and he definitely could pick up on it and called me out on it. It turns out that Ms. Floptina is making a visit to plant seeds of anxiety because of the uncertainty of the future. I feel that because I'm still early in my career looking for some direction, I am feeling anxious because I don't have control over what's to come, or what isn't to come.

Having that clarity and the experience I had at The Makeup Show made me realize a couple things this month.

  1. I do not chase, I attract. What is mine will simply find me.

  2. I choose to surrender myself to the universe and give up the feeling of needing to control the outcome.

  3. I have a great support system and I choose to trust that what they are telling me is to be true.

If I choose for all of these things to be true, then I know all will fall into place. 🥰🥰

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