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Drawing Upon Outside Inspiration #MambaDay

In reading and finishing, "Steal Like an Artist," I was reminded on the importance of drawing inspiration from all around us. People like to look at nature, buildings, cities, landscapes, etc. to draw from for some inspiration when making art. This week I'm visiting some friends in Seattle, and I can definitely see how a change in scenery can ignite the creative flow.

However, I was also reminded of how I could be inspired by people, and more specifically, professional athletes. I was going through my usual YouTube binge when I started to fall down the "related videos rabbit hole," once again. This time I was lead to this INCREDIBLE interview that I'd never seen before from one of my biggest inspirations, Kobe Bryant.

Maybe I was brought to this interview because it was the next video in the auto-play queue, or maybe it was some kind of synchronicity/affirmation from The Universe. I mean, after all, it was the week of his birthday and "Mamba Day," 8/23 and 8/24 respectively, and I was desperately seeking some sign from The Universe. Lo and behold, right on time, The Universe provided.

This is one of the last interviews he did before he passed away, and he goes into great detail about success, mindset, and how he himself drew upon other things OUTSIDE of basketball to get motivation for success. In early part of this interview he mentions how he used a specific mindset to set himself apart from the pack. He used TV shows, books he read, people he talked to, etc. as a way to learn something new and bring back to basketball in some way, shape, or form. When he approached getting better with this point of view, he was able to make the world his library. and therefore ALWAYS be inspired.

Anywho, this interview is seriously SO INCREDIBLE, and if you want to be inspired by true greatness, I encourage you to watch this interview if you have an hour to spare.

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