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First Day On The Job

So I made it to my first ever assisting job. Like on a real set, with real photographers, and real models. I couldn't believe that this happened so fast. At the end of last week, an assisting opportunity opened on a shoot, and I threw my name in the ring. I actually did a bit more than just that.

You see, the opportunity was shared on a Facebook group that I'm in with several other makeup artists. While I did comment on the post that I was available (like everyone else), I took it a step further. From my past experience of reaching out to artists and other professionals, I wanted to take a different approach. I also wanted to make sure I was doing EXACTLY what Ms. DaShawn Hatcher wrote about in her book "Assisting Rules!: The Ultimate Guide to Assisting Makeup Artists and Hairstylists in Beauty, Fashion and Print." **I HIGHLY encourage anyone looking to become a creative professional to READ THIS BOOK!!!

Once I knew the name of the key artist of the shoot, I searched him on Google, found his website/portfolio, and found his email. It didn't take much time or effort to do those things, but I wonder if the other artists inquiring did so too.

With this information, I sent him a short and simple introduction of myself, my experience (also being very transparent about having ZERO prior experience), and I also included things that he didn't ask for. I included my resume, my vaccination Card, and a document I made of 10 lessons I learned from Ms. DeShawn's book. I'm not sure if this key artist reviewed all the information I sent him, but it couldn't hurt to give him all this info, right?

I think it paid off because he got back to me relatively quickly, and asked me if I was available to assist him! AHHHHH I got the job! This past week has been all about preparing for this. By the time I got to set (which I showed up about 30 minutes early and I was def one of the first there each day lol), I was prepared but VERY nervous. I had the butterflies going and the whole nine yards.

I must've lucked out though, because the whole production crew, the other experienced makeup assistant, AND the key artist were all so warm, so welcoming, and gave off really nice energy. I hear that it's not always this way, but everyone was just amazing! I learned a lot while on set. I learned about how the flow of one could go, what the process is like working with other creatives, being in a professional creative environment, and techniques/skills from the key artist.

I also carried my crystals with me to help keep me calm lol, but I also kept a "beginner's mentality" all the way through the entire 2 days. Despite obviously being a beginner in this regard, I think it's important to always carry this mentality when working on something.

All in all, I think the main message is that it pays to be PROFESSIONAL when engaging with a new person in any industry looking for work. It also pays to be kind yourself and to leave the ego at the door. Don't bring her. She isn't invited!

I look forward to what this could lead to next! Stay tuned y'all! :)

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