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Taking a Productive Pause

We are closing on another year, crazy right? I feel like we were just pushing 2020 out the door to make way for 2021. Now, we are already moving on to another year. As I reflect back on the lesson I learned from December, I couldn't help but think about how this lesson came up a few times over the last year.

I realized how important it is to take a "productive pause" from your day-to-day. By that, I mean taking an intentional break from everything so you allow yourself to rest and recover. By taking a step back from everything, you also have the space to reflect. For me, I took my productive pause by spending 2 weeks with my family back home in Arizona. In those two weeks, I didn't do ANYTHING related to work. I played video games until late hours in the night with my brother; we went golfing; we played tennis; we played basketball; we went hiking; we ate everything under the sun; we went to sporting events; we did just about everything BUT work.

There were moments when I felt guilty doing all of these things and neglecting my work. I was then reminded by my parents that we don't get to do this too often. It's important to just relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones without worrying about work. Work is still going to be there when we get back, trust me.

Going into 2022, I'm bringing in the mentality to take more productive pauses to help accelerate my growth. I'm taking more time to hold space of compassion for myself and my progress. I'm taking more time to appreciate what I AM doing rather than what I'm not doing. I'm challenging the universe to accompany me on the manifestation of my dreams.

Happy New Year everyone!

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