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Witchy Week in P-Town

This week I was away in Provincetown, Massachusetts at a retreat with The Powder Group. It was a week filled with people of all walks of life coming together to elevate themselves as artists and creators. We heard from AMAZING and GROUNDBREAKING artists who blazed trails for new artists to succeed. We heard from people who have worked with the biggest names in the world - Bette Middler, Carrie Fisher, Oprah, Madonna, Rihanna, Dianna Ross, Whoopi Goldberg, and so many others. (Not trying to make that rhyme lol).

To be completely honest, I didn’t look at the schedule of who was presenting, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have known who these people were off the bat. The first night we had a little cocktail mixer and I was mingling with different people. It turns out that I had a conversation with one of these titans without even knowing who they were or what they did. Then I see them get on stage, and I’m completely blown away by who they were. Isn’t that so beautiful though? I was talking with these people as humans and not knowing where they’ve been and what they’ve done. They were ALL so down to earth and had so much gratitude in their practices and careers.

They exhibited that humility and gratitude when on stage too. There was a common theme in their stories. The testimonials from their biggest names all boiled down to how each artist made their client FEEL. Being a skilled makeup artist is one thing, but having the ability to connect on a deeper level is another thing. After hearing each of these amazing artists speak, I was inspired. I told myself that I want to make that same impact on the people I work with. I think every artist should take this approach to their craft because it truly makes the world a better place.

This week was also an opportunity to connect with me and set intentions. A few mornings I woke up to watch the sunrise and meditate. I was told by one of the speakers that Provincetown is the oldest artist colony in the United States. I was also told that the area is known for its magical qualities. Some of the biggest artists in history have come to P-Town to study and work. With this in mind, I found myself meditating on the fact that I'm walking the same path as some of the greatest artists in history. I know it is going to be tough, but I know the reward is well worth it.

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