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The Documenting Chronicles Ch. 1

So I'm starting to come out of this long hiatus of being a hermit. With all the external factors that were blocking me from progressing, I just felt extremely unmotivated to create. However, I'm ready to turn a new leaf and be the baddest betch I can be. 

It started with having a conversation with Ms. Deshawn Hatcher, author of "Assisting RULES!" (see previous blog post mentioning her book here). I asked her what she does to find inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. She mentioned she finds a lot of inspiration in looking at photography from people she respects in the industry. 📸

I mentioned to her that a few years ago my mom gave me her Nikon D80 but that it has just been sitting in my closet untouched. She told me to pick it up, start to learn how to use it and dive into the rabbit hole of photography to become a full-fledged self-producing artist. 

I remember when my mom bought this camera at a "going out of business sale" at a Circuit City just outside of Metro Center in North Phoenix in 2006. I'm aging myself because 1. Circuit City is looooooong gone, and the once booming Metro Center mall is no longer there either - RIP to both. 🙏🏽

Another resource that helped give me that extra push was stumbling on Gary Vaynerchuk's book "Crushing It!" In this book, he gives many testimonials from people who use social media to build up personal brands and ultimately help them pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors. So I'm going to try and do what he strongly advocates for in this book - document the entire journey, especially in the early days. 

He says that people resonate with those who are trying something new and experiencing growing pains but pushing through. I can see that being true. I can recall seeing some of my favorite online personalities start from humble beginnings and grow into something substantial. 

So here's to chapter 1 of my developmental chronicles! Stay tuned for what's to follow. 

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